Tuesday, March 31, 2009


For fans of the great American hamburger like me, the new Burger Bar at the Old School House is worth a visit.

The food is fresh, the place is clean and the staff seems very friendly. You can build a custom-ordered burger with various buns, meats, and cheeses and toppings like sauteed forest mushroom blend, char grilled vegetables or grilled peppers.

The prices are higher than a typical fast food joint, but I guess you pay for the added quality and freshness. My combo meal cost about $9.15. If I had one complaint, they could be a little more generous with the French fries.

The Burger Bar is located at 425 W. Foothill Blvd. right next to Trader Joe's.

Old School House Developer Harry Wu once told me that he hopes the Burger Bar and neighboring Robeks Juice become a popular destination for students. It's within walking distance of both Claremont High School and the colleges.

Click here to read a couple more reviews about the place.

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