Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Will south Claremont get its grocery store?

A decision at tonight's city council meeting could lay the groundwork for a new grocery store in south Claremont.

The city is proposing a new ordinance to allow drive-through banks and pharmacies in 4 specific areas around the city in order to attract new businesses to Claremont. The ordinance comes on the heels of a request by Walgreens Pharmacy to open a location at the Peppertree Square shopping center at Indian Hill Boulevard and Arrow Highway. Walgreens has said they will only open a location if they could have a drive-through.

City officials are pushing for the drive-through ordinance because of the opportunity to get a Fresh and Easy Market at Peppertree Square. The grocery store has agreed to open a location at the struggling shopping center contingent upon a Walgreens opening there too.

Expect several south Claremont residents attending the meeting to sway the council in favor of adopting the ordinance. Since Albertsons closed in early 2007, residents in the southern part of town have complained about long drives up to Foothill Boulevard to get their grocery shopping done.

Some will likely be on hand to urge the council not to adopt the ordinance, claiming the city compromising its values to the will of large corporations.

Also on the agenda is an amendment to the city’s Development and Disposition Agreement with Jamboree Housing Corporation, the developer of the proposed affordable housing project on College Avenue. The city is expecting to get $2,750,000 from Los Angeles County to help build the project.

The open session meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the city council chambers at city hall. Residents can also view the council meetings live online by visiting the city website.


  1. I was one of the Southern Claremonters asking for the Walgreens and Fresh and Easy. One guy complained against the "Big Box" stores and wanted small businesses. The small business owners already in the center want Walgreens and Fresh and Easy as well because it will revitalize that whole center.

    Ronald Scott

  2. YES! Every southern claremont resident that I know is for this. We would really like to have a market in the neighborhood, especially Fresh & Easy. Would be great to bring some life back to the Indian Hill & Arrow Highway shopping center.

    And the detriment of a drive-through pharmacy seems quite minimal compared to the good it could do. Keep drive-thru pharmacies and maybe banks too; Claremont can still keep out the drive-through food if it wants to.


  3. So what's the status of this project? I'm curious because I'll be moving to the area in a few weeks...

  4. The latest on this is that Walgreens has backed out of the deal. Fresh and Easy is apparently still interested by no concrete agreement is in place. City staff and developers are hoping to attract more new businesses using the Fresh and Easy anchor as "bait."