Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Singleton sentenced to 6 months in jail

Tyler Singleton, a star athlete with the Claremont high school football team, earlier today was given a 6-month prison sentence for having unlawful sex with 2 underage girls.

Singleton, 18, and his family appeared at a Pomona courthouse this morning for the sentencing hearing.

He was arrested in February following allegations that he raped a 14-year-old classmate in a public bathroom in Cahuilla Park near the high school.

Singleton declined to give a statement during the proceedings. His mother, Rita Singleton, pleaded with the judge for leniency.

Prosecutor Lauren Guber read a statement from the 14-year-old victim, which stated that her "entire world had been turned upside down" as a result of the incident. The girl's mother also addressed the court.

Singleton's prison sentence will begin June 9, allowing him time to earn his high school diploma. Both he and the 14-year-old victim no longer attend Claremont High School.


  1. These girls are not the only victims out there. He has many victims who chose not to prosecute.

  2. The whole thing was a setup from the start. These girls were instructed by their parents to say what they said when their parents found out that they were sexually active, especially with a African-American boy. They waited until he turned 18 to come forward with their stories even though they had been having a friendship for almost two years. It is a shame that these types of situations still exist in our so-called equal society.

  3. He has already violated his parole and is in jail now

    1. not parole but probation of 5 years

  4. Singleton is such a good person and by personally knowing him, I believe that this is unlawful. I disagree with his sentence because consensual sex always tends to sway towards the females side which is unfortunate. Regardless of being framed or 'set up' I believe that Singleton just acted as his age, a maturing young man that made a huge mistake. If it were several months or even weeks prior of his 18th, it wouldn't be considered illegal. Horrible.

  5. i love you tyler!!!

  6. This loser has two more cases pending for the same types of crimes. Another wanna be " football star" who turns out to be a worthless pile of crap. Hope he gets a taste of his own medicine...Don't drop the soap sucka!

  7. My father sat me down on my 18th birthday and told me that I am legally an adult and anything I used to do with girls when I was 17, I can no longer do. Plus all sex is not good sex.