Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Suspected bank robber arrested

Police officials in Orange County have arrested a man they believe robbed the Citibank in the Old School House last month.

Erik von Holland, 47, was arrested earlier this week at his home in Brea on suspicious of robbing the Citibank and 3 other banks in Orange County, according to Claremont police.

Called the "100s and armed bandit" by law enforcement, Mr. Holland was identified through surveillance photographs taken of him during the heists. He wore baseball hats during the robberies but otherwise did not conceal his appearance.

Mr. Holland was identified by the Tustin Police Department while police were showing surveillance photos to Orange County Parole Agents. A parole agent recognized the suspect and provided a name to police.

He was arrested by Orange and Fullerton police officials at his residence. The involved agencies are working with FBI with the intent of filing multiple federal counts of bank robbery.

The Claremont robbery took place on Friday, May 21.

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