Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unwelcome lawn signs

Complaints about lawn signs are a long tradition in Claremont during election season. Either they go missing from people's yards or are placed on public property illegally. In the last couple of days, we're hearing complaints from residents about candidate's lawn signs popping up in their front yards without their permission.

Gwen Brown, who lives on Scripps Drive, came home yesterday to find lawn signs from city council candidates Sam Pedroza and Robin Haulman in her front yard. They've since been taken down and put in the garage.

"I would appreciate if I was asked first before a political sign went up on my property," Ms. Brown said. "I really take offense to a controlling political party trying to push an opinion on me."

In another neighborhood in north Claremont, the same 2 candidate's signs appeared in another resident's lawn.

"I do not know anything about Robin Haulman, never met nor do I know her," said the resident, who asked not to be named. "Sam I am aware is on the city council now but I was surprised that someone had the hutzpa to plant their signs in my yard without asking permission. I have nothing personally against either one but thought it was rather rude."

Pedroza responded that he always asks before putting up a lawn sign or provides them to people who specifically ask him for one. He doesn't know who may have put up the signs without the residents' permission.

Haulman added that she has a release form for residents to sign stating they want a lawn sign and agree to take one.

"No one should be indiscriminately putting up signs without getting their express permission beforehand," Haulman said.

Pedroza noted that lawn sign shenanigans are a constant problem in Claremont elections and wished the problems could be avoided.

"If I didn't have to do signs, I wouldn't," Pedroza said. "They're more trouble than they're worth."


  1. Love the Pedroza quote!

  2. Please know that to my knowledge all signs are at locations where they were requested. If you have a sign that you did not request, please notify me and I will correct it. I am reachable via my website at or email me at I apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.

  3. Please. NO candidate or campaign is going to place signs willy nilly on private property.. particularly residences.

    There is ZERO benefit to it (despite the best efforts of the slanted Insider to pin this on the candidates they love to hate.
    A good lie is easier to believe if it fits your narrative...)

    Probably kids goofing around. Wasn't there a campaign awhile back where some enterprising youth scooped up all the signs in neighborhood and stuck them all in a single yard?

  4. Right. Kids are going to select out Haulman and Pedroza signs out of all the others and then put them in 2 different yards in separate places. Come on. This phantom sign placement happens every time too. It's just a case of overzealous campaign workers not owning up to their deeds.