Thursday, October 6, 2011

Claremont man arrested in domestic violence case

Police arrested a 40-year-old Claremont man accused of domestic violence on Wednesday morning near Our Lady of the Assumption in the 400 block of Berkeley Avenue. The man was arrested for spousal abuse, corporal punishment to a child, and criminal threats.

The man's girlfriend met with police on Sunday, September 25, to report acts of physical and verbal abuse to her and her 2 children. Fights erupted between the couple after the man accused his girlfriend of stealing money from him among other allegations. He threatened to kill his girlfriend and everyone she loved, and at one point picked up a gun and told her she was going to die, according to Lieutenant Shelly Vander Veen.

Police noticed the woman had a bruised eye socket, wrists and arms. One child had a cut lip and bruises on the face; the other had red swelling to the back. The woman was frightened and believed the man was in possession of a firearm. Police went to the residence, but were unable to locate him.

On Wednesday morning, police saw the accused get into a car in The Village. Police attempted to do a traffic stop on the vehicle at Indian Hill Boulevard and Bonita Avenue, but he continued driving, eventually pulling over on Berkeley Avenue across the street from Our Lady of the Assumption. Officers immediately barricaded the east side of the school to ensure student safety. Police arrested him by gunpoint because of warnings that he had a firearm. No students were harmed.

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  1. two sides to every story...if she was frightend why was she still with him when they pulled him over? they just had purchased a music instrument for one of her kids to take music lessons. and why after they arrested him did she take his car? is that a way for a woman who is afraid of someone to be. does that sound right? and she continued to keep his car until the defendants family asked for it back. all of a sudden the victim doesnt know where it is. .also i hope that there are some things to take into consideration here. the victim is familiar with domestic and abuse, since she has lost her kids due to abuse. so childrens services , i hope you open your eyes, and see that whoever you gave temporary custody in regards to the kids, have given her kids back to her to care for, there are alot of accusations and details that the newspapers fail to follow up on. she was not the innocent victim, she chose to take her kids and care for them, apparently she cant break her old habits,. i hope the kids dont stay in her custody