Friday, April 27, 2012

Suspected car burglars nabbed by Claremont Police

A man seen peeking into cars in the 400 block of Mount Carmel Drive caught the suspicion of neighbors late Tuesday afternoon, April 23.

Without breaking into any of the cars, the man got into his own vehicle and drove away. Police stopped the car off Base Line Road. The occupants claimed that they were lost and just driving around. However, several car stereos with cut wires were found inside, and the men could not explain their origin. Jimmy Troy, 46, and Andrew Briceno, 28, both of Pomona, and Phillip Gonzales, 40, of Upland, were arrested for stolen property.

Mr. Troy was additionally arrested for driving with a suspended license and Mr. Briceno for initially giving a false name to police. No victims have been located yet, but Claremont Police are in contact with nearby police departments to match the car stereos, according to Lt. Vander Veen.

See Saturday's edition of the COURIER for more from the Claremont Police Blotter. 

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