Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Claremont nonprofit launches cartoon class

ARToon, a new arts education project sponsored by the  Claremont Museum of Art, will give voice to a generation of middle school students through the art of cartooning. The program, directed by Lori Evans Lama in collaboration with El Roble Intermediate School, launched today. 

An after school class of 40 El Roble Intermediate School students will pick a cartoon format, develop an original character and tell a story or express their thoughts, insights and beliefs on paper in cartoon form. Students will work under the tutelage of El Roble’s art teacher, Wendy Kubiak, for 6 weekly after-school lessons. The program will culminate with a public exhibition at El Robe on March 22  and a billboard installation on the Art Wall at the Packing House in April.

ARToon is produced by CMA in partnership with El Roble Intermediate School and funded by a generous donation from an anonymous CMA member, Curtis Real Estate, Peggy A. Carlson, Wealthcare Capital Management, Inc. and Gould Asset Management, LLC.

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