Friday, April 5, 2013

City to discuss increasing sanitation fees

From this week's City Manager's Report:

"The City recently sent a Notice of Public Hearing to all property owners and sanitation customers regarding the upcoming public hearing to discuss a proposed 2% CPI increase to sanitation rates. The City is responsible for notifying all property owners as well as sanitation customers of the proposed increase and providing the households with an opportunity to protest.

"In order to ensure that all property owners and customers were included in the mailing, the City utilized an address database from the LA County Assessor's Office as well as the City's existing sanitation customer database. Although the City made efforts to delete duplications, there have been a small number of reports where duplicate mailings were received due to small variances in the addresses that were not identified by the computer system. Households that receive two protest forms may return either one to have their vote counted. Only one vote per household will be counted." 

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