Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update on the Health Care Debate altercation

Claremont's town hall debate on health care reform was marred by a mix-up between one of the debate's organizers and a visitor to the event.

The Claremont Police Department has been investigating the matter and last week filed a report with the District Attorney's office. Police expect to hear back later this week from the DA's Office whether charges will be filed against one or both parties.

Outside of the debate, Charles Cox, 21, of Riverside claims that organizer Rudolph Mann pushed or otherwise assaulted him, causing him to fall to the ground and hurt his knee. (I hope he has health insurance.) See the photo above.

Cox wanted Mann arrested for the assault, while Mann wanted Cox arrested for disturbing the meeting. Nobody was actually arrested, but Mann was cited by police.

Cox is reportedly a member of the radical "Christian, pro-life activism organization" called Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.

Click here to watch footage of Cox captured at the Town Hall debate in Alhambra.

It seems Cox, wearing the same sweaty blue shirt he was wearing at Claremont's town hall debate, likes to draw attention to himself and his cause. In the video, a man appears to punch/push Cox for his excessive chanting while speakers are trying to address the crowd.

I'll have an update on the DA Office's decision as soon as information is available.

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