Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peter Yao to head the Independent Cities Association

I'm back from vacation and back to blogging.

Tonight, the Packing House will be packed with officials from across southern California, including mayors from Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach and more. Organized by the Independent Cities Association, the event will see Claremont City Councilmember Peter Yao take over as President of the association for the next year.

The event will allow city leaders from the region, including those who've never been to Claremont, to visit our city and see what it has to offer.

The Independent Cities Association is for cities which have hired staff members to operate their own services, including policing, sanitation and engineering, rather than contracting them out to the county. There are currently 52 member cities.

Mr. Yao, Packing House Developer Jerry Tessier and Claremont Museum of Art Director Bill Moreno are schedule to speak at the event.

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