Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on the Metrolink crash

Police have released the name of the woman involved in yesterday's Metrolink crash.

Velma Curley, 79, of Claremont died shortly after being struck by the train around 3:15 p.m.

According to Claremont Police Chief Paul Cooper, the LA County Coroner notified Ms. Curley's family last night about what happened. An autopsy will take place today.

Still no word on what caused the woman to walk out onto the train tracks. While some have speculated that it was a suicide, police still need to conduct their investigation.

"There's some conflicting statements (from witnesses) and it's still pretty early (in the investigation) for us to tell," Chief Cooper said.

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  1. Metrolink was not at fault here and it was not a crash. Stop repeating this misnomer. The train did not jump off of the tracks and strike the woman. Witnesses report that she stood in front of it. I'll leave it to the Coroner's office to rule it a suicide.