Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Woman dies in Metrolink crash

A woman's body is covered with yellow tarp after being struck by the Metrolink train

A woman died after being struck by a Metrolink train in what appears to be a suicide. Around 3:30 p.m., the woman got up from her seat on a nearby wall and walked in front of the train, according to bystanders at the scene who had talked to an eye witness.

Shortly after the incident, the eyewitness (pictured below), drove off. She was too distraught to speak.

The incident occurred just east of Indian Hill Boulevard at the Claremont Train Depot.

Claremont Police, LA County Sheriff and Fire Department officials were quickly at the scene to close off the area and maintain traffic control.

It is unknown at this time the age of the woman or further details about her death. I'll try to provide more information as it is released.

Indian Hill Boulevard is blocked off to traffic as law enforcement handles the scene of the Metrolink crash

A distraught eye-witness, seen in the blue vehicle, is comforted by bystanders.


  1. I was in this train, i recorded a 15 seconds video right from my window, which was right where the old lady was pulled out from under the train

  2. The COURIER is not interested in posting video of the accident or aftermath on its website. However anyone who witnessed the accident can contact me at 909-621-4761.