Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Southard spending habits back under scrutiny

The COURIER has been getting calls about some news reports surfacing in the Desert Sun involving former Claremont city manager Glenn Southard.

Southard, who is now city manager of Indio, has come under fire after it was revealed that Indio city staff charged over $805,000 since January 2008 using 62 staff-issued credit cards. According to this article, some of the expenses were for tickets to professional sporting events, lavish dinners and travel expenses for Southard's wife.

Southard was also questioned about his spending habits during his time in Claremont. He clashed with former city councilmember Jackie McHenry after she began asking to see receipts for his expenses. He left Claremont in 2005.

With Indio facing a $9 million budget deficit, Southard's time in Indio may be up soon. The Indio city council will meet in closed session today to discuss offering "golden handshake" retirement packages to city employees. According to this article, Southard would be eligible for early retirement if he opts to take it.

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