Monday, October 4, 2010

No on Measure CL Facebook page

A community group has created a Facebook page targeting the school bond Measure CL.

The Claremont Taxpayers for Common Sense do not support Measure CL and are urging residents to join them in their crusade against it.

Those interested in joining or taking a look can visit it here.

I have not seen a Yes on Measure CL page out there.


  1. The Yes on CL web page:

  2. 95,000,000 dollar CL bond- true cost is 205,000,000 to homeowners of claremont over 30. while we are still paying on the Y bond $ 72.00 per 100,000 value of our homes for 20 more years. ALL this to pay for maintenance and upkeep. Seems CUSD and the elected school board are not really looking out for our community