Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New community and human services director to be introduced to public tonight

An informal meet-and-greet event for Michele McNeill, the new community and human services director, will be held tonight at the Alexander Hughes Community Center from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Ms. McNeill officially started her position in Claremont yesterday, filling the spot after more than 2 months of its vacancy. Ms. McNeill will be the first to head Community and Human Services since the 2 previously separate departments were combined last May.

Having the opportunity to improve quality of life for others is at the core of continuing her career path here in Claremont, she said.

“I genuinely value serving other people,” Ms. McNeill said. “I enjoy the opportunity to have people come to me with problems, break them down, find elements that can be adjusted, and create something that we didn’t think possible.”

As the community and human services director, Ms. McNeill will oversee the City’s recreation, social services, sanitation, and fleet divisions, as well as special projects and community partnerships. Amid all of the job responsibilities Ms. McNeill will be responsible for, encouraging environmental responsibility is she is most looking forward to tacking in the months ahead.

“I want to help sustain Claremont’s small town atmosphere ensure its long-term presence,” Ms. McNeill said. “Claremont has such a long and beautiful history. Environmental responsibility is the only way to sustain what we have now to forever preserve what has been.”

The Alexander Hughes Community Center is located at 1700 Danbury Road. For more information on tonight's event, contact the center at 399-5490.

A full profile on Ms. McNeill will be published in a future issue of the COURIER.

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