Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wilderness Park citations receive city council approval

More than 300 wilderness park citations issued by Claremont police within the past 3 weeks for violating park hours will continue to be upheld despite recent proposals for dismissal.

At a special meeting held Thursday morning, Claremont police presented city council with a series of options to handle the onslaught of tickets, including an altogether waiving of the fines. Pomona court officials raised concerns over the large amount of citations and the backlog it would create for the court system.

The council voted unanimously to uphold citations, despite complaints against the ambiguity of park hours and confusion over court law changes, in order to set a precedent for the city, according to officials.

“Nobody likes getting a ticket, but as long as you have a law, you need to follow the law,” said Council Member Corey Calaycay. “That is the key issue here that we need to remember.”

Do you feel the increase in citations at the wilderness park are just or unfair?

Full story to be published in a future edition of the COURIER.


  1. Government entities continue to get desparate. Congratulations, Claremont, you're $30,000 richer.

  2. I believe it's "on-slaught" of tickets, not "on-slot". So there would be no guessing games about what "dusk" is, Claremont should make a time, such as 8:30, where people have to be out of there, or else.