Tuesday, October 13, 2009

City Council meeting tonight

The Claremont city council will be meeting again tonight.

Among the meatier items on the agenda are a proposal for closure and installation of pedestrian signal at the intersection of Arrow Highway and Oakdale Drive and a public hearing on a Claremont Tourism Business Improvement District. The Tourism BID would be assessed for room rentals at local lodging businesses and pooled together for marketing projects involving Claremont's hotels and resorts.

In their closed session meeting, the council will do their annual review of City Manager Jeff Parker and City Attorney Sonia Carvalho. Parker's evaluation always seems to generate some controversy. Last year, the council was criticized for being too generous with Parker's pay raise and bonus despite the city facing millions in a budget shortfall. It will be interesting to see what the council does this time around with his salary adjustment, given that staff layoffs and program cuts earlier this year.


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  2. Off Topic here: I moved out of Claremont ten years ago. Wife still subscribes to the Courier. I'm looking to see if the Courier has a web site or blog. Don't think this is it.

  3. It looks like the Claremont-Courier just offers PDF site. Too bad.