Tuesday, October 27, 2009

City Council meets tonight

The Claremont City Council will meet tonight. Some of the items up for discussion include:

The revision
of the city's Massage Establishment Ordinance to reflect a new state law. The new law would allow massage therapist with certain educational criteria to be certified and allowed to practice statewide. This will save them time and money in having to get licenses and tests in every city they want to work in.

A report for Police Chief Paul Cooper on the health care reform debate and how the Police Department handled the situation. There is currently an internal investigation underway on the police's response and disciplinary action could be taken.

A review of the Baughman Avenue permit parking system, which has been in place for 6 months. Permit parking was instituted on the residential street due to spillover parking from businesses on Foothill Boulevard.

The council will have a closed session discussion on the City Manager and City Attorney's performance evaluation, which was postponed from the last council meeting. They will also be discussing the purchase of water rights from Golden State Water Company. The water company purchase has been an ongoing issue in Claremont and the excessive price tag associated with the project has deterred past city councils from moving forward.

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