Friday, October 2, 2009

Overheard at the PD

I spend about half an hour in the police station lobby every week to go through their log book for the Police Blotter. Sometimes while sitting there, I overhear some pretty interesting stories.

Yesterday, an elderly woman came in to complain about a parking ticket she'd just received. The woman, who claimed to be a 60-year Claremont resident, got a ticket for parking in a handicapped space in the Village.

"I will never shop in Claremont again!" she said in frustration.

The woman said her daughter was handicapped and knows how important it is for people with disabilities to have access to those spaces. She did admit that the tire of her car was touching the white line, apparently the line between her space and the handicapped spot.

The officer who helped her offered a form to contest the citation. Once filled out and turned in, a watch commander will review the tickets and see if any action should be taken. The officer also offered her a complaint form, where citizens can complain or comment about any interaction with the PD.

The city recently approved price increases to parking violations at last week's city council meeting. Overnight parking tickets will go up from $20 to $35, 2 or 3 hour parking violations will go up from $20 to $35 and handicapped zone violation will $250 to $325.

The increases will take affect on November 25. I'm sure it's little consolation to the woman, who said she's never gotten a parking ticket in Claremont, that she will not have to pay the higher price.

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