Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Bulletin's botched article

The Claremont COURIER has set up its own Youtube account. As we venture further into the multimedia world, we'll upload videos that we shoot onto Youtube and you'll be able to view them from a link on our website.

We didn't shoot this video, but its content relates to the COURIER, newspapers and accuracy in reporting.

At the November 24 city council meeting, the council received a final report about the August 27 health care debate and recommendations for reform after Claremont police mishandled the situation.

Among the recommendations are a new rental agreement for similar forums taking place on city property which includes information about public meetings and security procedures.

During public comment, the council also heard from Zephyr Tate-Mann, President of the Democratic Club of Claremont. See video below.

Aside from her nice comments about the COURIER, she had some strong words for Daily Bulletin reporter Wes Woods II. The original Bulletin article she refers to is no longer on their website but I do remember reading it and noticing several mistakes.

I certainly don't think Woods was trying to slander Rudy Mann, as Tate-Mann questioned. I assume he just made an error and confused the 2 parties. Reporters are sometimes writing so much information so quickly that mistakes get made. We're human too.

Still, if an error appears in an article, it's the responsibility of the newspaper to correct it. Reporting on the health care reform debate, the COURIER printed some incorrect information about what happened. We followed up with a detailed, corrected article.

It seems the Bulletin already printed a correction on the "confusing" article. See below. Apparently it did not address all the errors in the original story, causing Tate-Mann to lash out at Woods and the Bulletin at the meeting.

I wonder if the Bulletin plans to run a second correction following Tate-Mann's comments. I certainly haven't seen anything in their paper about it.

*** Correction, November 13 ***

A Nov. 8 story about an incident at an Aug. 27 town hall meeting in Claremont was confusing. After Riverside resident Charles Cox shouted, he was escorted from the meeting room. When Claremont resident Rudolph David Mann tried to prevent Cox from re-entering the room, Cox fell and placed Mann under citizen's arrest. Police cited Mann but the District Attorney's Office did not file charges. Mann asked a police officer to arrest Cox at the scene, but the officer declined to do so.

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