Friday, December 18, 2009

School Board votes for second time against nurse Cindy Estep-Tonan

At last night's Board of Education meeting, the CUSD Board voted to bring charges against Estep-Tonan to seek her termination. Board member Steven Llanusa was the lone voice of opposition on the Board, while Beth Bingham did not vote, citing a conflict of interest because she presided over Estep-Tonan's wedding.

In his first vote as a Board Member, Jeff Stark voted against the longtime school nurse along with Mary Caenepeel and Hilary LaConte. Stark was sworn in shortly before the closed session report on Estep-Tonan.

According to an article for tomorrow's paper written by my colleague Landus Rigsby, Estep-Tonan was "shocked" over Stark's vote. The issue of her employment status first came Before the board at the November 19 meeting when Stark was still sitting in the audience.

“I'm shocked and I don't know how Jeff Stark could have voted if he just came onto the board,” Ms. Estep-Tonan said. “They've rushed through this and I guess this is what they do to people they don't like. Justice will be served though.”

For a full report, be sure to read Saturday's issue of the COURIER.

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