Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Budget workshop tonight

Put a smile on the mayor's face by attending tonight's community budget workshop. The event allows residents to learn about the city's finances, vote on priorities for the city and participate in the decision making process as Claremont begins to consider its next 2-year budget cycle.

After less than 15 residents appeared at last week's workshop at the Blaisdell Center, Mayor Corey Calaycay was not happy about the low turnout.

"People often complain about issues after the fact but this is an opportunity for them to be involved and engaged as the process is unfolding," Calaycay said. "I'm hoping to see a much larger turnout on Tuesday."

The workshop will take place in the Padua Room at the Hughes beginning at 7 p.m.

1 comment:

  1. claremont has terrible citizen participation--part of it is the city council members' fault...........there could be a much greater campaign/effort to get people involved.

    Besides, why are they putting it on a Tuesday night, when most people are busy? Maybe they should've scheduled it for a Saturday, & offered some free in-n-out---j/k

    I saw the mayor has a facebook page for his campaign, obviously he knows how to use new media.....but the city doesn't do anything creative or out of the ordinary to get people involved, except a notice in courier & on their website [like people actually go there].

    If they want people involved in issues like this, they have to build a base of informed citizens.

    ****Also they should have a budget committee to look @ the budget all year long...*****

    Besides the word BUDGET sounds boring! How about, a MEETING to discuss WHERE the Government spends your hard earned income.......aren't you curious whether it goes into the pockets of the government employees, & is spent on business projects, or does it go to providing you the very best & most high quality services you deserve!

    see, isn't that more sexxy??????

    aka, How do you feel about the city manager making twenty times what you make a day [$2,000/day!].....?
    that might get people interested...........