Thursday, January 19, 2012

Claremont permanently closes 2 prominent walkways

Construction is underway on De Paul and Marygrove Roads, sealing off 2 long-time public walkways from Arrow Highway. The construction project, which broke ground on Tuesday, will bring an end to more than a year of debate between residents and city officials concerned about access to these public passages.

The city will spend $34,400 to build solid walls to block both walkways, according to an October report. In addition, a wrought-iron gate will be constructed on Marygrove Road. Nhi Atienza, who has lived near Marygrove Road for the last 8 years, says the addition is “a welcome change” and will help keep her neighborhood safe.

“This is just such a big sigh of relief,” Ms. Atienza said. “We have waited and waited, went through numerous meetings and kept feeling like we were getting shot down every time. This has been a neighborhood-wide effort.”

Construction of the walls is scheduled for completion early next week, according to City Engineer Craig Bradshaw. The gate installation will be completed the following week.

Full story to be published in Saturday's edition of the COURIER.

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