Friday, March 1, 2013

First Street artists present interactive art display

Photo Courtesy//Steven Felschundneff

First Street Gallery artists debut their latest exhibition today, Friday, March 1, from 6 to 8 p.m. Titled “Found in Translation,” the display features works made in collaboration between First Street Gallery artists and sculptor Charles Long as part of our Other Hands Guest Artist Program.  Mr. Long has been working in the studio since October on a variety of projects based on our serendipitous acquisition of 2 antique radios, which serve as the impetus for the project.
Found in Translation is an investigation into the role of technology as a catalyst for human connectivity.  Each piece in the show functions simultaneously as the product of an individual artist's vision, a chapter in an over-arching narrative and the result of collaborative creative thinking.  Many of the works in this multi-media, multi-sensory show are interactive, inviting the audience to join in the experience and expand upon this project even further.
Hundreds of original works will be on display and on sale now through April 12. First Street Gallery Art Center is located at 250 W. First Street, Suite 120. For information, call 626-5455 or visit

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